Each season, we cast and stage an original ballet written and choreographed especially for that season’s dancers. The large stage production is presented with a host of props and scenery, with multiple opportunities for each dancer to perform. In May 2016, we presented “It Happened One Night.”

The Story of It Happened One Night

IHON Poster - WebsiteOnce upon a time, three woodland sisters lived in an enchanted forest with their brother, who was a hunter. One day, while practicing her magic spells, the oldest sister begins to worry that her brother is not serious about finding a wife and settling down. As she frets, he returns from a hunting trip. When he is confronted about his future, the brother tells his sisters he is happy with the way things are and marriage is the last thing on his mind.

The sisters decide they must take matters into their own hands, so they visit the local School of Charms to procure a potion that will cause their brother to fall in love with a local maiden. However, the youngest sister enjoys playing tricks and adds her own spell to the potion when no one is looking. Meanwhile, the middle sister believes her rag doll would be the perfect wife for her brother and is determined to find a way to bring the doll to life.

With their love potion in hand, the eldest sisters decide to throw a ball to introduce their brother to some of the eligible young ladies nearby. They call upon their friends, the fairies, to deliver invitations for the ball.

Meanwhile, in a grand estate on the edge of the forest, the nine daughters of a noble family are being tucked in to bed by their maids. Some of them have trouble sleeping, so they try counting sheep. Others are startled by monsters under the bed and pesky mice who must be chased away by the family cat. Just when all the sisters finally nod off, they are awakened by the fairies delivering invitations to the ball that night in the enchanted forest.

Back in the forest there is no time to lose, so the woodland sisters call upon all of their friends to help prepare for the ball. We meet butterflies, bees, dewdrops, unicorns, garland dancers, and birds as everyone works together to make the forest festive. Pleading for help, the middle sister makes one more attempt to bring her rag doll to life before the eligible young ladies arrive to meet her brother.

Can magic make love happen or does love make magic happen? And what was in that potion, anyway?