Each season, we cast and stage an original ballet written and choreographed especially for that season’s dancers. The large stage production is presented with a host of props and scenery, with multiple opportunities for each dancer to perform. In May 2015, we presented “La Clara De Luna.”

The Story of La Clara De Luna

A long time ago a moonbeam became entranced by her own lovely light. As she dances she sets her light down for a moment and it’s snatched away by two dark shadows who turn the lovely white moonbeam dark.

Later, we watch a small Spanish fishing village come alive one morning. The vendors are setting up their goods to sell, the nuns are taking a class to their first communion, and villagers are going about their daily routines. This day will prove to be a little out of the ordinary when a travelling band of jesters comes through town, along with a matador, and even a bridal party. When the village dancers come out to celebrate too their fun is cut short after they are told to mend their fishing nets. The young dancers are offered help by a mysterious dark traveler passing through, but only if they agree to help her find her lost moonbeam. They are eager for the help, but leave the dark traveler on her own once the nets are mended. The traveler is disappointed, but later two sisters take pity on her and offer to help.

Their search takes them to the seaside where they meet a band of pirates looking for a parrot. The pirates tell the search party they should look in the sea so they set off. They meet all sorts of creatures like an angelfish, mermaids, jellyfish, and coral who are lovely, but are unable to help find the missing moonbeam. Finally, they meet the Sea Goddess who tells them the truth of the missing moonbeam.