October 2018 Newsletter

What’s Happening in October…

We had a great first month of classes! It is wonderful to have so many new faces in the studio, and all of our returning dancers back in at the barre. We have a record number of students this season, as well as one new instructor added to our four returning faculty. This will be a great year for dance!


For those who did not pay for the entire season, tuition is due the first of the month. Log in to your account in our student database to pay online. If you signed up for automatic payments, those are run on the first of the month. If you have more than one student, your $15/month discount has already been applied. You may also bring a check to class. There is a $10 late charge added after the 15th of the month.


Bring in $2 to class the week of Halloween to break dress code ~ skirts, tutus, leg warmers, or a different colored leotard will all be allowed for those who wish to participate.


  • Please check the lost and found basket for items you may have left behind in the waiting room.
  • We do not close for fall break – there is just too much dancing to do! Our next studio closing is Thanksgiving break from November 22-24.
  • You can find important dates, dress codes, and studio policies under Your Studio on our website. And check out our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions.


Miss Emily and some of our students had a blast participating in our first ever Homecoming parade! Thanks to Steve and Brenda Koch for driving, and all of our ballet families who helped us decorate the wagon.


Last month in Miss Emily’s classes, we learned first and second positions and how to hold our butterflies (ask your student). We learned several different French terms and counted to eight in French. We danced with scarves and tried not to get burnt in the “toaster”. Our featured song for September was Pachelbel’s
Canon in D, a studio staple.


Battement tendu: the working foot slides from the first or fifth position to the second or fourth position without lifting the toe from the ground. Both knees must be kept straight. When the foot reaches the  position pointe tendu, it then returns to original position. No noodle knees!


The five basic foot positions were devised in the 18th century by Pierre Beauchamps, ballet master to King Louis XIV of France. He created the positions so that a dancer’s weight would be evenly distributed over her feet for any position of the body.

Tuition Due: October 1
Halloween: October 21 we are open for classes!

Thanksgiving Break: November 22-24

Performances: Memorial Day Weekend 2019 mark your calendars!


Dance Kaleidoscope presents “Music of the Night” October 25-28 at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. Come enjoy some modern dance and live music! Be on the lookout for ticket vouchers at the studio and find out more here.

Ballet Theatre of Indiana presents presents “Macabre” November 2-3 at beautiful Tarkington in Carmel! (parental discretion advised). Our own Miss Haley will be dancing! Find out more here.

Hendricks Symphonic Society presents two free talent showcases Sunday, October 14 and Sunday, October 21. Find out more information here.

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