Help support our new floor

Most dance floors are comprised of two components: a surface floor and a subfloor. The surface floor provides resistance or the appropriate friction for the style of dance being performed. The subfloor provides the resilience or spring to help protect the dancers’ joints and muscles from injury. Both are necessary to ensure a healthy safe environment. Correct shock absorption reduces fatigue and significantly lowers the risk of injury.

To continue our high-quality dance instruction and to keep the studio as safe as possible we would like to replace the flooring our dancers use each day. The first part of our project is installation of a sprung subfloor. The second part of the project is replacement of the surface floor with a durable vinyl material.

Most vinyl surface floors will last eight to fifteen years under normal wear. Ours has been very well cared for and has lasted much longer than that, but should be replaced as soon as we are able. There is a new product on the market that is less expensive than others, but is still a significant investment for our school.

Lastly, we would like to install a wall-mounted CD player to reduce ‘skipping’ music when dancers jump or leap.

We need your help with this project. Even a small donation to help us reach our goal would be greatly appreciated. Our studio may be small, but we learn a lot and have hours of fun in it! Please help us continue to do that by donating to our studio update today.


We serve students of all ages from Hendricks County and surrounding areas.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality dance instruction while helping students develop self-discipline, dedication, positive self-esteem, and an appreciation for the art of dance.

We value and nurture each student’s unique gifts of talent and creativity in a safe studio environment in order to educate, enrich, and inspire.