March 2020 Newsletter

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Dancing Into Spring!

March is here, which means we are dancing into spring! We have been learning our dances and getting ready for our performances of A Princess’s Wish on May 30 and 31.

See below for important information, and look for your Performance Guide coming home soon. You can also find all of this info (and more!) on our website. Stay tuned for more information on volunteer and sponsorship  opportunities.

New to our school? Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about what to expect during performance time.

Policies Reminder

Weather Closings: We are closed according to the Danville Community School closings. Check our Facebook and Instagram for confirmation and Saturday closings.

Illness: To limit the spread of illness, please keep your dancer home if they stay home from school the same day.

Attire: Students should arrive at the studio ready to dance, with hair neatly in place (bun or braid), wearing clean, neat, uniform ballet attire. No undergarments are needed under leotard and tights. Dressing properly for class is a lesson in itself as students learn both discipline and cooperation.



As we learn our dances for the performance, attendance is very important! Learning a dance is a team activity. Please email if you will be absent from class.

Click here for specific rehearsal times and more information about the performance.

Our tentative schedule for tech week is as follows:

Saturday, May 23 | 9:00 am-12:00 pm Rehearsal (M/W classes)
Tuesday, May 26th | 4:30-8:00 pm Rehearsal (T/R/F classes)
Wednesday, May 27th | 4:30-8:00 pm Rehearsal (All Cast)
Thursday, May 28th | 4:30-8:00 pm Dress Rehearsal
Saturday, May 30 | Performance #1
Sunday, May 31 | Performance #2Schedule is subject to change. All tech week rehearsals and both performances are at Danville Community High School. Dancers must be at rehearsals in order to perform. Tickets will go on sale Friday, May 1st on our website (we recommend getting them early!)

Swan Lake

|| 2:00 pm Sunday, April 19 ||

Throughout March and April, Miss Emily’s classes will learn dances, study music, and read stories about Swan Lake. Let this study come to life for your dancer by joining us for a live performance of Swan Lake by Butler Ballet!

Limited group rate tickets are only $23! Email to order tickets by March 30; payments can be made by cash or check to The Children’s Ballet. The performance is at the Clowes Hall on the Butler campus.

Senior Spotlight: Sila Porter

Here is the first of our three seniors we are featuring! Sila will be featured as the Duchess in A Princess’s Wish (and dancing several other roles).

Q: What is your dance background?
I started dancing when I was 5 at a small studio in Avon before it closed. Then I started dancing at The Children’s Ballet and this will be my 10th year.

Q: What is your favorite thing about dancing?
My favorite thing about dancing is learning a combination that seems extremely difficult and thinking to yourself “there’s no way I will be able to do that,” but then your teacher and classmates encourage you so much and push you to do your best so that you become more confident, also making you realize that when you work hard enough you can do any combination.

Q: Pointe shoe brand?
Capezio (Glisse, sadly not sold anymore)

Q: What is your favorite ballet step?
I love any jumps or leaps. My favorite combination is tombé pas de bourrée glissade saut de chat.

Q: What is your dream ballet role?
If I were to become a professional ballerina I would hope to be a soloist.

Q: What is something that you think is important in becoming a better dancer?
To become a better dancer you need a lot of things. You have to be strong enough and determined enough and hard working. But I think, most importantly, you have to believe that you are a good dancer, and that you are capable of doing anything if you work hard.

Q: What are your future plans?
I plan on majoring in Industrial Design at Purdue University. Hopefully I will be able to find a studio near me where I can continue to do ballet as well.

Best wishes, Sila! We are so proud of you!


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