A Magical Lesson (2017)

Each season, we cast and stage an original ballet written and choreographed especially for that season’s dancers. The large stage production is presented with a host of props and scenery, with multiple opportunities for each dancer to perform. In May 2017, we presented A Magical Lesson.

The Story of A Magical Lesson

A Magical Lesson follows the story of three sisters and their brush with magic…

One day, while playing the park with their friends, the sisters learn that the circus has come to town. They are desperate to go and head home to ask their mother.

Two of the girls, however, have been misbehaving so badly lately that their mother forbids them to attend.

What they don’t know is that a mysterious sorceress has been planning to teach the two naughty girls a lesson. She casts a spell that allows them to go to the circus with their friends and, with the help of her apprentices, puts her plans into motion.

The circus performers put on a wonderful show with many fascinating acts that all of the village children enjoy. However, the two naughty sisters still manage to get into all kinds of mischief and trouble. Will they ever learn their magical lesson?

All photos provided by Photography By Sara Crail.

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