Thank you for being part of the 32nd season of dance at The Children’s Ballet!

We are looking forward to meeting all of our new students and seeing our returning dancers back in the studio this week. Please be sure to pick up a student handbook during class. And remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for news and photos!



Families who wish to pay tuition monthly will be enrolled in autopay, which is run on the first business day of each month. There is a $15 monthly tuition discount for each additional student from the same family. The tuition discount for boys is 50% per month.

Save 10% (almost an entire month of tuition!) if you pay for the full year at the beginning of the season. *Note that annual tuition payments are non-refundable and the monthly discount for siblings does not apply.

Dress Code

The Children’s Ballet’s dress code is designed to encourage cooperation and discipline among its students. Instructors are also able to see the body’s form to ensure that the dancer is moving safely and correctly. A dancer should focus on developing technique and artistry without distraction of loose or cumbersome clothing. Ballet shoes and leotards are available to borrow from the studio — feel free to ask your instructor.

Hair is to be worn in a bun (or securely pulled back from face if student has short hair).
Three reasons! 1) SAFETY: Turning requires spotting. If a dancer is spotting his/her hair will whip them in the face and possibly cut their eye. 2) DISTRACTION: Dancers who do not have hair secured are temped to play with it, take it up, down, re-fix over and over through class. Instead of being focused on what the teacher is saying, they are playing with their hair. 3) DISCIPLINE: Part of the study of ballet is respect for the disciplines that come with it. As a child begins to study ballet, discipline is one of our foundational elements as they prepare for class.


Please check the lost and found basket for items you may have left behind in the waiting room.
We do not close for fall break – there is just too much dancing to do! Our next studio closing is Thanksgiving break from November 28-30.

For weather cancellations, we follow the Danville Community School Corporation on school days. Saturday class cancellations will be communicated by email/text. All closures will be announced via social media as well.

You can find important dates, dress codes, and studio policies in your student handbook and under Your Studio on our website. And check out our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions.


We serve students of all ages from Hendricks County and surrounding areas.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality dance instruction while helping students develop self-discipline, dedication, positive self-esteem, and an appreciation for the art of dance.

We value and nurture each student’s unique gifts of talent and creativity in a safe studio environment in order to educate, enrich, and inspire.